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Ramadan Kareem sister! It's that time of year again. I don't know about you but for me Ramadan is a chance to get off the roller coaster that is life and just refocus. In terms of the marriage search it is a great time to take a little step back and focus your love and care back on yourself so that you can pick up where you left off feeling refreshed and optimistic. For me Ramadan always feels like an opportunity to "reset" myself. To get back to what is important to me, to work on my faith and to look after myself and my body properly! In the spirit of resetting therefore I have created the Ramadan Reset Programme. This programme features 5 small things to do everyday to ensure that you are reconnecting with yourself, loving yourself and creating contentment with your life as is currently is. Whilst you may wish to take your focus off the marriage search for a month (no coffee dates alas only mejdoul!) following the programme you are ensuring that you are getting yourself ready emotionally, mentally and spiritually to get back to your search in a way that is productive, effortless and simple. We usually focus on strengthening our imaan and increasing our ibaadah during Ramadan in the traditional sense (reading and memorising Qur'aan, praying extra salah etc.) but often we forget that taking care of ourselves emotionally is a form of ibadah too. The Ramadan Reset programme is your opportunity to take care of yourself for once sister. You truly deserve it.

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