When will it be your turn?

I am going to teach you the exact steps I took (and others have taken) to go from that all important first meeting to meeting the family in just 3 dates! That really is all it takes!

Sometimes it can feel like there's a "secret code" code you need to crack that everyone who is married has figured out ages ago! Imagine if you could simply sail through the whole process from meeting to marrying knowing you are doing it the right way. Honestly sister it's so simple I couldn't believe it myself when after 14 years of searching I met a guy and got married in just 7 months! There's no rocket science, no secret code, no gameplaying just and easy step-by-step approach! You will wonder why it ever felt so complicated!
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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome To Meet Match Marry NOW!
    • Welcome message!
  • 2
    Meet Match Marry Now - Your 3 Dates To Marriage!
    • Introduction
    • Module 1 - Essential Pre-First Meeting Prep!
    • Module 1 - What to do when you are there
    • Module 1 - Vital Post-Meeting To Do List
    • Module 2 - Upgrade your game on meeting number 2
    • Module 3 - Make or break time meeting number 3!
    • Module 3 - Having "The Conversation"
    • Bonus 1 - How to tell if he's a villain!
    • Bonus 2 - How to text and call for success in between each meeting!
    • Pre Date Prep Plan PDF
    • Post Date Thoughts Record PDF
    • Setting Clear Boundaries PDF
    • The Rejection Recovery Plan PDF
  • 3
    Juicy Bonus #1 -The Genuine Guy Jackpot - No More Online Dating Disasters!
    • Welcome
    • Module 1 - Clarity: How To Stop Meeting Everyone & No One In Particular
    • Marriage Blueprint
    • Clarity Creator
    • Module 2 Killer Profile Creation - Part 1 - Before You Sign Up & Hand Your Money Over!
    • Module 2 Killer Profile Creation - Part 2 - Creating A Great Foundation With The Basics
    • Module 2 Killer Profile Creation - Part 3 - How To Write The Perfect "About Me" Section Without Cringing!
    • Creating Your Killer Profile!
    • Module 3 Location - Part 1 - How To Spot The Good Guys From The Villains
    • Module 3 Location - Part 2 - How To Make Contact The Right Way So He Contacts You Back!
    • Module 4 - Reality Checking: How To Take It From The Virtual World To The Real World
    • Module 5 - Troubleshooting: What To Do When Things Don't Go Right!
  • 4
    Juicy Bonus #2 - Marriage Networking 101 - How To Meet More Guys!
    • Marriage Networking 101
  • 5
    Juicy Bonus #3 - A Gift From Me
    • Let's Catch Up!

You may have noticed I've included 3 juicy bonuses for you!

  • Juicy Bonus #1 -The Genuine Guy Jackpot

    £50 value

    How to get online the right way and meet the good guys (for once)! You online dating disaster stories end today!

  • Juicy Bonus #2 - Marriage Networking 101

    £27 value

    10 key places to meet single Muslim guys naturally and make great connections minus the awkward marriage chat!

  • Juicy Bonus #3 - A Gift from me!

    £50 value

    As a gift for completing the course I am giving you a £50 voucher towards a VIP Marriage Mastermind session with me to we can take what you've learnt and get you on the right path with 3 immediately actionable goals!

Listen to what they have to say...

“I really needed something like this, I am usually clueless about what to do. Your detailed instructions really helped!”

Amira (Cape Town)Amira (Cape Town)

“Soraya I found you at my lowest point, just when I was loosing faith in the search!”

Sumaya (Manchester)Sumaya (Manchester)

“Soraya encourages you to be open-minded to enjoy different experiences”

Sadia (London)Sadia (London)

“I never thought I'd make it to this point!”

Raana (Los Angeles)Raana (Los Angeles)

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