Getting Married Requires A Certain Type Of Inner Confidence...

Fed up of feeling dread, fear and doubt every time you are faced with a marriage situation?

At work you are boss, you know what you are doing and you know how to get results. BUT when it comes to the world of dating and marriage you freeze, your past experiences, disappointments and heartbreak have made it almost impossible for you to move forward. You've begun to doubt yourself, your abilities, your qualities and whether or not you actually have it in you to find someone, make a connection and take it to the next level! I know, I've been there and I felt so alone and isolated, I didn't know where to go for help. But luckily you do. In this self-study mini course you will learn how to rediscover the confidence you need to put yourself out there and meet guys with ease, assurance and glowing self-esteem.
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Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome!
    • How To Get The Most Out Of This Course
    • Confidence Diagnostic Task
  • 2
    Part 1 - Becoming Confidently You
    • How do confidence and marriage go hand in hand?
    • The Confidence Wall Exercise
    • Confidence Evidence Spotter Exercise
    • Marry My Mate Exercise
  • 3
    Part 2 - When Fears Become Truths
    • Fears vs Truths
    • Tipping The Scales Exercise
  • 4
    Part 3 - How To Embrace Vulnerability & Risk
    • A quick note about part 3!
    • Why it's essential to be able to embrace vulnerability & risk
    • Risk Exercise
    • Risk Exercise Answers
  • 5
    Part 4 - Confidence On Tap
    • How To Use The Anchor Technique
  • 6
    Bonus Gift
    • A gift for you

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